Q-Scope Digital Microscopes

Q-Scope digital microscopes deliver high quality real-time images. It is the best solution for a wide range of applications such as: industrial quality control, medical and biological sciences, forensics, science and education, art restoration, veterinary and many other fields. Connect via USB or Wi-Fi to your PC (Windows or Mac) to view and analyze the images you capture or view live with their powerful, easy-to-use, software for advanced image editing. The Q-Scope Wi-Fi models can be easily connected to computers and tablets. Different types of bases are available, from simple to professional ones. Select the appropriate base to get with your microscope, depending on the application you will use it for. Q-Scope digital microscopes connect via USB to your tablet or computer for viewing and analyzing captured images or for real-time observation. The series consists of models with multiple magnification scales and a variety of lighting methods such as white LED, fluorescent and UV.

Handheld digital microscopes

Microscope bases

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