Services offers you a wide range of services related to your microscope, stereoscope, or any microscopy device.
Our services include: repairs, maintenance and upgrades, as well as end-user training.


Our company has a team of experienced technicians who can repair most damages, not only for Euromex microscopes, but for the majority of the other brands. We offer FREE of charge diagnosis of the problem: we check the damaged product and let you know if it is possible to repair it and at what cost. You then decide whether or not you want to proceed with the repair. High standard services at low cost.


The worst enemy of every microscope is dust and zero maintenance. You do not have to wait until you experience some problems with the microscope in order to repair or perform maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend maintenance at least once a year. We can take care of the maintenance and cleaning of your microscope. Contact us to book an appointment.


In many cases an older microscope model has the ability to be upgraded and, with proper cleaning and maintenance, to become operational again enabling the owner to use it and save some money by not purchasing a new one. Before you decide to set aside or throw away your old microscope, ask us, perhaps what seems outdated or non-functional may finally do its job. Upgrading can mean something simple, such as a simple integration of better lighting, to something more complex, such as incorporating a digital camera or TABLET microscope.


Do you have a microscope that you don't know its functions? Did a microscope come to your hands and you don't know how to set it up? Do you have new staff that require training on the microscopes, so they work at 100% of their potential? Do you want to be trained or train your staff in microscope cleaning and maintenance to save unnecessary future costs? Then you can contact us because we offer these and many other microscopy education services.