Handheld microtomes


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Handheld Microtomes

MODELS Type Stage Height adjustable Top Micrometer division Complete with  
MT.5500 Cylinder Round Ø 70 mm Yes Flat black glass 0.01 mm microtome knife (PB.5106), wooden cabinet
MT.5501 Cylinder Round Ø 70 mm Yes Flat black glass 0.01 mm
MT.5503 Box / Handheld table clamp, razor blade holder, wooden cabinet



MT.5500 Cylinder microtome. Round stage Ø 70 mm with flat black glass top. Height adjustable with micrometer division 0.01 mm. Complete with plano-concave knife PB.5106 and wooden cabinet
MT.5501 Cylinder microtome. Identical to MT.5500 but without knife and wooden cabinet
MT.5503 Handheld microtome. Box type with table clamp and razor blade holder. Thickness adjustment by 0.025 mm intervals. Complete with wooden cabinet