• Fast and accurate
  • Short warm-up time
  • 589.3 nm high power LED or sodium lamp
  • 100 and 200 mm observation tubes are included



MODELS Scales Accuracy Observation tubes 100 and 200 mm 230 V sodium lamp (with 589.3 nm filter) 230 V High power LED (with 589.3 nm filter)  
99.400 ± 180° ± 0.1° polar scale
99.400‑LED ± 180° ± 0.1° polar scale


The purity and concentration of optically active substances can be determined with a polarimeter. An optically active substance will rotate the polarization plane of of linear polarized light. The amount of rotation is depending on the molecular composition and proportional to the concentration of chiral molecules. Each optically active substance has his specific rotation factor as defined by Biot’s law

• The polarimeter is a sensitive instrument for non-destructive measurement of the optical activity of organic and inorganic substances
• It is also a simple and cheap method for expensive or non-replicable samples

• Polarimeters are frequently used for process control of chemical, pharmaceutical and food research labs of production facilities
• Some substances that can be measured are: steroids, diuretics, antibiotics, drugs, vitamin, analgesics, amino acids, essential oils, sugars

The polarimeters are suitable for 100 and 200 mm observation tubes

• Polar scale, range ± 180° with 0.1° readings
• Supplied with observation tubes of 100 mm and 200 mm
• Bright light measuring field permits reading with accuracy of 0.1° with aid of Vernier
• Range 0-180° to left and right . Accuracy 0.1°. Polarizing device: Glan Thomson prism and Laurent Quartz plate

Supplied with one 100 and 200 mm observation tube. With build in 230V powersupply