Abbe εργαστηριακό διαθλασίμετρο


  • Bench-top instrument
  • For determination solid samples
  • Substance indentification
  • Brix and RI units


Abbe laboratory refractometer

MODEL Scales (Brix) Scales (Brix) Accuracy (RI) Accuracy (RI) Remarks Analog  
98.490 0 - 95 0.5 1.300 - 1.700 0.0002 Supplied without light source



• The Abbe laboratory refractometer is a bench-top instrument for high-precision measuremen ts of an index of refraction
• Abbe refractometers are more accurate than hand refractometers
• Capable of measuring all kinds of concentrations and identifying several types of substances
• The instrument is equipped with a built-in thermometer and water connection to control fluid temperatures
• Delivered with carrying case, thermometer 0-50° Celsius, calibration plate and adjusting tool
• Equipped with a Brix and a refraction index scale and supplied with a test plate
• The use of a cold light source like the LE.5209 is recommended for this type of refractometer

Suitable for determination of the refractive index of solid samples, such as glass, plastics, and polymer films

Delivered with carrying case, thermometer 0- 50° Celsius, calibration plate and adjusting tool