LE.5212 Illumination Station


  • Professional base station with various LED cold light sources
  • Four independent and autonomous illuminators
  • Available with white light spectrum and three monochromatic wavelengths
  • For Materials Science and stereo microscopy
  • Complete illumination solution in one station


LE.5212 Illumination Station

MODELS 3 W Gooseneck guide LED 4 W white LED ring light 2 W white LED
transmitted light stage
LE.5212 White LED, 6.500 K  
LE.5212‑365 365 nm, monochrome  
LE.5212‑395 395 nm, monochrome  
LE.5212‑420 420 nm, monochrome  



• Light source station with multiple power supply connections for two self-sustaining gooseneck-type guides, one ring light and one transmitted stage illumination
• Each power supply connection controls the LED intensity independently from the other power supply connections
• Oblique illumination with two self-sustaining Gooseneck-type LED light guides equipped with either a 3 Watt white 6500 K LED or a 365 nm UV-LED or a 395 nm or 420 nm Violet-LED
• Each self-sustaining Gooseneck-type LED guide is equipped with a 3-lens focusing head and has a length of 56 cm 
• Homogeneous conical beam of light illumination with a white 6.500 K LED ring light generating with 60 LEDs up to 24.000 Lux. Mounting diameters from 21 to 61 mm
• Transmitted light stage illumination with a 6.500 K white LED generating up to 8.000 Lux with 42 LEDs. Stage diameter 94.5 and 15     mm thick
• Station to be placed on a tabletop as standalone illumination unit or mounted on the pole of a stereo microscope with diameters up to 44 mm or with 35- and 25-mm pole mounting adapter rings
• Operating voltage: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz— 5VDC/4A
• Dimensions (main body): 40 (h) x 65 (d) x 200 mm (w)
• Weight: 1.9 kg

Interchangeable gooseneck-type guides

A = LE.5260, B = LE.5261, C = LE.5262 and  D = LE.5263


For your own safety it is highly recommended to wear 
protective orange glasses when using the 365 nm gooseneck